Welcome to Fides Communications (the Social Communications Department of the Catholic Diocese of Awka in Anambra State, Nigeria). Here is a 538-word brief history of Fides.

Fides newspaper began as a monthly newsletter in July 1987 by the late Mr Michael Egbeson. It became extinct. Then it was revived in 1993 as a newsletter, Fides News Letter.  In June 1995 it became an 8-paged fullscap sized black and white newspaper; and a 12-paged from January 1997. Then it became an A3 16-paged newspaper from July 1998 and a 20-paged from August 1998. It began to appear in colour in June 2003. All this while Fides was operating as a monthly newspaper. It then moved from monthly to fortnightly and now weekly.

Fides was originally begun by the late Mr. Michael Egbeson, from Umuokpu village in Awka. It later became extinct. Then when Fr Jerome Madueke came back from his overseas studies, he chose to retain the same name of the extinct newspaper ran by Mr. Egbeson.

Fr Jerome Madueke (now Msgr Jerome Madueke) conceived Fides as a multi-media project to be unfolded into seven units: 1) the Press/Newspaper unit, 2) Publishing unit, 3) Audio/Visual unit intended to be developed into Radio and Television Broadcasting, 4) Library/Museum, 5) Research/Documentation unit, 6) Outreach/Enlightenment unit, 7) Internet/E-evangelization unit.

All these years Fides was located at the Retreat, Pastoral and Conference Centre, Okpuno (REPACCO) in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State, until it packed into the present-day Fides Complex, Okpuno. Msgr Jerome Madueke was its Director from 1993-2015 (October). The current Director from October 2015 is Rev. Fr Martin C. Anusi.

Within these years there have been 34 priests, major and minor seminarians who have worked and contributed to make Fides what it is today. It is important to mention them here:

Those who worked as Deputy Directors:

1994-1996: Rev. Fr Lawrence Nwankwo

1996-1999: Rev. Fr Martin C. Anusi

2000-2001: Rev. Fr Bedemore Udechukwu

2001-2006: Rev. Fr Ethel Anarado

2006-2013: Rev. Fr Obinna Dike

2009-2011: Rev. Fr Jude Onyeneke.

Those who worked as seminarians on apostolic work include: Rev. Fr Lawrence Ezeazodosiaku (1991-1992); Rev. Fr Louis Nwobi (1992-1993); Rev. Fr Cosmas Ibeh (1993-1994); Rev. Fr Capt. Valentine Okwesili (1994-1995); Rev. Fr Malachy Ezeonyiwara (1994-1995); Rev. Fr Evaristus Ezekwonna (1994-1995); Rev. Fr Peter Chikelue (1995-1996); Rev. Fr Chika Okpalike (1996-1997); Rev. Fr Martin Ichoku (1996-1997); Rev. Fr Augustine Umeh (1996-1997); Rev. Fr Paul Azuakor (1997-1998); Rev. Fr Colman Onuegbu (1997-1998); Rev. Fr Kizito Umeadi (1998-1999); Rev. Fr Gerald Nwafor (1998-1999); Rev. Fr Solomon Odunukwe (1999-2000); Rev. Fr Godwin Ukatu (1999-2000); Rev. Fr Valentine Ezenduka (1999-2000); Rev. Fr Victor Igwegbe (2000-2001); Rev. Fr Justin Ezechukwu (2000-2001); Rev. Fr Charles Ndubuisi (2001-2002); Rev. Fr Bernard Ezeilo, RIP (2002-2003); Rev. Fr Moses Iloka (2004-2005); Rev. Fr Felix Nwosu (2005-2006); Rev. Fr Innocent Affusim (2006-2007); Rev. Fr Innocent Okeke (2007-2008); Rev. Fr Josephat Onyechefuna (2008-2009); Rev. Fr Daniel Odimegwu (2009-2010); Rev. Fr Pio-Anthony Okafor (2010-2011).

Fides began to have multiple Deputy Directors from 2013/2014 beginning with Rev. Frs Matthew Attansey and Cyril Ezeani. Then Fr Martin Anusi joined them from October 2014. The latter took over from Msgr Jerome Madueke as the Fides Director from October 2015.

Those in the current Fides Management are: Rev. Fr Martin Anusi (Director); Rev. Fr Matthew Attansey (Deputy Director 1); Rev. Fr Obinna Dike (Deputy Director 2) and Rev. Fr Cyril Ezeani (Deputy Director 3).

- Fr Martin Anusi


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