Fides offers the following services:

1) Printing

Fides is into all kinds of printing works in Chord or Sord.

2) Publishing

We offer all kinds of publishing services.

3) Digital Colour Separation

We offer digital colour separation services.

4) Audio/Video Services

We engage in Video coverages: pastoral visits, weddings/traditional marriage ceremonies, seminars, crusades, socials and funerals. We mass produce your DVDs and CDs.

5) Parish, School, & Group Outreach

We offer Film/Video services, on request, to parishes, schools, and other groups. You can work out with us for educational/Entertaining films for your parishes, schools, associations/organizations, and other groups.

6) Bookshop

Visit our Bookshop for all your book needs: religious, spiritual, academic (university & professional books), general books, religious articles, DVDs/CDs, and general stationeries. You can also call us on 0905-760-9008.

7) Photocopying

We take care of all your photocopying needs of any quantity.

8) Library

Fides has a library equipped with consultable books in various fields of Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, Law, History, Scriptures, References, Languages, Literature, Prayer, Religions, Liturgy, Anthropology, Account, Archeology, Physiology, Political Science, Sociology, Civic Education, Music, Social Studies, and Ecology.

9) Fast & Slow Food Services

Our Canteen prepares fast and slow food.

10) Lamination

Get your work laminated.


11) Binding


12) Internet Services


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