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Preparations have reached an advanced stage for the kick off of the inaugural edition of a ten-team Anambra Super Football League (ASFL) which is packaged by DOSAD Sports by January 2017.
At the official unveiling of the ASFL Iniative at DOSAD Sports dinner  Friday November 25, 2016 at Okpuno, the Vice Chairman of the Anambra State Football Association (ASFA) Barr Sir JBC Obikwelu said the ASFA would support any initiative like that of DOSAD that would improve the game of football in Anambra. Cutting the tape to declare the ASFL open, Obikwelu assured DOSAD that it would collaborate with it to make the aims of the league realizable.
Speaking to FIDES, DOSAD director, Rev Fr Coach Obinna Dike, said that the ASFL is an independent league made up of ten independent football clubs or academies across Anambra that would engage themselves in an regular league round robin. He further said that the league would also have mid seasons and transfer windows as well as rules and regulations.
On sponsorship of the league, Fr Dike said he was working tirelessly to convince our people to invest in the youth through this league. He said his staff at DOSAD have been discussing with potential investors in the league to take up the bulk as their business interests would be protected and their benefits gained.
Fr Dike further said only teams with purely football business interests would make the ten team list to ensure professionalism. Any team involved will have a home playground, must be officially registered with the Anambra FA, and be ready to fulfill other requirements for the league. He said clubs and academies interested should call his number 08034307585 for details or look out for the official advert in FIDES Newspaper of Sunday December 11, 2016. They can also visit DOSAD Sports at facebook. All mails to www.dosadsports@yahoo.com.

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