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A cargo airport is one of the projects the Obiano administration is fervently pursuing in order to boost business and commercial activities in Anambra State

Before independence, Ndi Anambra dominated the business environment of the east and, to an extent, Nigeria. They were mostly produce merchants. The notable ones then, were Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu who was said to be the first African millionaire; Chief Ben Atuchukwu, who brokered the end of civil war and Chief P. N. Udoh of Ogidi.
We equally had Chief Ulasi and Okonkwo Kano of Nnewi. We equally had Chief J.O.J Okezie of Ihiala, etc. These men shaped the business environments of Nigeria then. Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu later became the first President of Nigerian Stock Exchange, as well as the chairman of many blue chip companies before and after Independence.
But after the Nigerian Civil War, the economic policies of the Federal Government impoverished the Igbo man and the worst hit were Anambra business men then. The Federal Government only gave Igbo men two pounds (£20) each, no matter the amount of money they had in their bank accounts. All the Igbo business men and, particularly, Anambra men, were pushed down to ground zero. But they were not deterred to face the challenges.
Today, Anambra business men are amongst the first five top business men in Africa. They have surpassed all those people that even took their hard earned millions of pounds and gave them twenty pounds (£20). They are controlling over 60% of Nigeria's economy. Today, Anambra business men contribute over 80% of the customs duty being collected in Nigeria. Today, Anambra business men developed Lagos State. Today, 80% of all the property in Abuja are owned by Anambra men. Today, Anambra business men play major roles in banking, agriculture, oil and gas, real estates, ICT, manufacturing and telecommunication sectors of the Nigerian economy.

In Anambra State, past administrations tried to play roles in order to make the state more attractive to Anambra business men. But at the inception of His Excellency, Chief Dr Willie Obiano's Administration, there were serious economic developments in Anambra’s economic and business environments. The developments rest on the four pillars and the numerous enablers as designated by His Excellency Chief Dr Willie M. Obiano.
Today, the advancements of the pillars and enablers by Gov Obiano have greatly brought Anambra a special economic vibrancy. Chief Obiano stopped all illicit, obnoxious and killing-taxes in the state. The people that make up the largest economic population in the state who are predominantly low income earners now have more money to carry out their economic activities. They now plough back all those monies that were being filtered away by illegal revenue collectors back to their businesses. The vibrancy starts from there.
Today, Akpokuodike has provided soft and easy loans of single digit rate to SMEs and micro but economically-viable business owners to carry out their businesses through Anambra Small Business Agency (ASBA), being manned by the vibrant Chief Omenife Clems Chukwuka. Chief Obiano is undertaking a heart-warming project for Anambra foot wears group at Ogbunike, Oyi Local Government Area.
Our governor resolved to grant respite to these shoe manufacturers to promote MADE IN ANAMBRA shoes. This shoe cluster will be ready soon.
More so, as the shoe cluster goes on, arrangements have been concluded by the Anambra State Government to also establish Anambra Tailoring cluster too. The project will be financed by Anambra Small Business Agency (ASBA). This cluster will also produce MADE IN ANAMBRA wear and clothing. This cluster will provide a common environment for fashion designers to explore all the available economic stimulus being availed by the Anambra State Government.
This is a new dawn in Anambra State. Akpokuodike is not a man that feels too important but a man who teaches people how to catch fish rather than giving them fish. His Excellency is providing serious financial leverage for economic advancement. Anambra is on the road to greatness through the good foundation being laid by Chief Obiano. From his actions, Chief Obiano is telling Ndi Anamnra that the only way to go is to embrace, develop and sharpen their skills. Our youths are also being supported to navigate to skills that will feed them throughout their lifetimes. All these economic activities make Anambra economy vibrant and attractive.
Recently, our working governor performed a ground breaking ceremony of Anambra Airport City at Ivite Umuleri. This airport city project on completion will be the best and the most-modern airport city in the world. This airport city is designed to have two run ways, projected to be the longest run ways in Nigeria. The airport city is also designed to have an international conference centre and a Five-Star Hotel. The airport city will also have an aviation refuelling centre and an industrial business cluster. This is a signature project that will also make Anambra's economy to be super vibrant.
Just recently again, His Excellency, Chief Obiano, engaged a world class multinational hospitality organization, Golden Tulip of Switzerland, to take over the Agulu Lake Hotel and Tourism Centre. The Agulu Lake Complex, at this business alliance is now known as Golden Tulip Hotels and Holiday Centre, Agulu.
In the next six months, the Five-Star Hotel will be opened for business.
These investment inflows were made possible by Anambra State Investment Protection and Promotion Agency (ANSIPPA), being fantastically-managed by an erudite investment banker, Chief Ochendo JoeBilly Ekwunife.
The gains of these projects and investments range from multi-dimensional employment generation, improved internally-generated revenue (IGR), accelerated Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), comfortable gross domestic products (GDP), quality development of infrastructure, clean environments and wonderful ambience.
Anambra is vibrant!
Willie is really working well and Ndi Anambra are happy.
Wouldn't you rather support this noble man with this noble course?
Odaa Opuo writes from Amichi.



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