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Rice farm: Gov Willie Obiano is making good his promise of making Anambra the Country's food basket.

For over three years of Chief Obiano's administration, Anambra State has been in the eye of the storm in the agricultural sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the state taking a centre stage in the production of foodstuff and other agro allied products in Nigeria.
Having made agriculture as one of the PILLARS OF DEVELOPMENT in his administration, Gov Obiano has laid serious emphasis on making agriculture a major revenue earner for the state and the good news is that the aim is being achieved. Anambra State is now among the enviable class of the food baskets of Africa. This administration led by our super governor, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano (Duke of Nigeria), placed the state in the map of FAO/IFAD/RUFIN and other global partners for agricultural development.
At the inception of Akpokuodike's administration, he made it clear that the rice given to civil servants in Anambra State during major festivals must be home grown. This is why he focused mainly on supporting the farmers for large scale food production. He did not stop at that. He is also supporting the food processors in order to process the foods effectively in accordance with the best practices and world class standards. Today, Anambra now does all year rice farming which is contributing over 300 metric tons of rice to the food requirements of Nigeria.
Before he came on board, Anambra was producing 80 metric tons of rice which was not even enough to satisfy the Onitsha population. The percentage growth is comfortably commendable. The genuine support extended to the farmers and processors by Chief Obiano is the best in Nigeria. It is worthy to note that His Excellency developed the Best Rice Brand in Africa named ANAMBRA RICE; being produced by ANAMBRA RICE MILLS LIMITED, AMICHI. This rice mill received overwhelming support from His Excellency through ANAMBRA Small Business Agency (ASBA), ably managed by Chief Omenife Clems Chukwuka.
The factory rose from 25% capacity to 70% production capacity. Currently, the capacity of this mill stands at 440 tons of rice per day which is approximately 10,000 bags of 50 kg baggage.
In fish production, Anambra is also ranked great in aqua culture. His Excellency is also supporting the capacity building for the youths of Anambra State in aqua culture. Those that were trained are empowered from the single digit loan from the same ANAMBRA SMALL BUSINESS AGENCY (ASBA) for them to start the production of fish. Anambra is now the largest producer of fish in the South East.
His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie M. Obiano, also supports those that process fish products for export under the best hygiene standards. Anambra has the capacity of processing the fish requirements for South East and South South. Diet Industries Limited, Amichi, has the capacity of processing 200 tons of fish every four hours. This establishment is also enjoying the MSME loan from ANAMBRA SMALL BUSINESS AGENCY (ASBA) which was established by Akpokuodike.
His Excellency also planned for the sustainability of fish business in the state by supporting the establishment of FISH FEEDS FACTORY which will help in bringing down the cost of feeds in the state. The only fish feeds processing mill in Nigeria is in Northern Nigeria (Grand Cereal Products Limited). So, His Excellency did a noble job by bringing the fish feeds to the doorsteps of fish farmers. Anambra adigo mma.
In animal husbandry, Chief Obiano is encouraging our local breeders to improve in local cow and goat breeding. He also supports pig rearers, poultry farmers and Guinea fowl farmers to improve their productivity. Eagle Farms Limited, Umuchu is into large scale local cow breeding and ranching. Anambra enjoys a fair contribution to the poultry and other groceries to the Nigerian marker. Akpokuodike's administration attracted many commercial farmers into the state who are currently contributing to the economy of the state and environs. Delpharm, Excel Farms, Masdevan Farms, Songhai Integrated Farms, Coscharis Farms, Josan Agro, etc, are in Anambra contributing to the growth of the state's agricultural initiative. These establishments provide overwhelming employment opportunities to the citizens of Anambra. They also contribute to the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) which is used for infrastructural development in Anambra.
Ndi Anambra never had it so good before now. Kudos to the passionate governor of Anambra State.
The rural farmers in Anambra State will never forget Akpokuodike for his humane spirit. He is opening up the agrarian communities in order to facilitate the speedy evacuation of farm produce to the markets. Before now, farmers used to lose 70% of their farm produce because there were no access roads for evacuation of their produce to the markets. They never had any propensity for growth and expansion. Today, Akpokuodike has given them hope and enthusiasm for expansion. They now have good returns on their produce. To give room for expansion and growth, Akpokuodike through the ministry of Agricultural Mechanization, created a gang plank for farmers and the export consultants (ABX CONSULTANTS) led by Captain Okakpu, for the export of farm produce like Ugu, Onugbu, Nchuanwu, Utazi, and recently, yams, to Europe and the United States.
Today, Americans have requested 1 million tubers of yams from Anambra State. His Excellency who has the sincerity of purpose and a passionate spirit is focused to deliver the promised development to Ndi Anambra. The previous administrations in Anambra paid lip service to the development of the agricultural sector of Anambra's economy. Yet, Chief Obiano is paying back those funds to the fund providers.
In Anambra State, Chief Obiano is establishing E-FARM project where new technics in agricultural projects are adopted. Recently, the Commissioner for Agriculture and Mechanization, Mr Afam Mbanefo, stressed that the E-Agriculture centre had been developed in the state. The E-Centre has communication facilities, data facilities, farmers' biodata, geo map of farms and farmers, etc. This is to develop healthy farms, healthy farmers and healthy products.
This centre is knowledge-based and needs people of requisite knowledge to man the centre. The centre is currently situated at the Ministry of Agriculture and Mechanization, but will soon spread to all the 21 LGAs in the state. This is the dream of Chief Obiano which will place Ndi Anambra far above others.
The time for consolidation is here. There is need for Ndi Anambra to continue to chart a positive way to their collective destiny. They should not be deceived by these political scavengers gallivanting around the political corridors of Anambra. They want to come back to gang-rape our destiny as they did previously. They are not happy that we have peace. They are not happy that we are prosperous. They are also not happy that Anambra money is working in Anambra for Ndi Anambra. They enjoy seeing Ndi Anambra cry in pains. Tufiakwa, never again. Not in our state again. Onye o buna mulukwa anya (Shine your eyes). Rapukwanu ndi okuko fa na abuputa efi. Ufodu n'ime fa bukwa Ndi anyi na aya before. O bukwa fa gbalu Anambra oku. Ufodu n'ime fa bukwa Ndi dunyelu Ndi gbalu ABS, na IKENGA HOTELS oku. Uche onye o buna dikwa ya.
Ka Chineke mezie okwu.
Odaa writes from Amichi.

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