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I Put It To You

Learning is a continuous process. No one knows it all. Experience is the best teacher. Those who have Master's degree claim to have mastered one course or the other. If you have mastered this, have you mastered that? Even though I am a philosopher as well as a theologian, I am still myopic of many aspects of human knowledge. There are many professions out there, which include Medicine, Law, Teaching, Business Administration, Politics, Engineering, Journalism, etc. I am in the Priesthood which is a vocation and not a profession. As we recharge our mobile phones from time to time, we should also recharge our brains always by learning. When we see the Beatific Vision, then our learning comes to completion. However, if we miss heaven, then we wallow in confusion forever.
There is a respected profession whereby the members are referred to as Learned Colleagues. In other words only lawyers are learned. All others studied. After the usual university course in Law, one must attend Law School to learn how to be a lawyer. After being qualified, you are commissioned as a Lawyer by being called to the Bar. If one goes to bar to drink green bottles, is he or she not also called to bar? There was a Law student who failed woefully at the Law School. On the day his classmates were called to the Bar at Abuja, he went into a beer parlour (bar) to drink with his friends. As they were making merriment in the bar, he stood up and told his friends that he has been called to the Bar as a lawyer on that day. Out of ignorance they gave him a standing ovation. From that day he added Barrister to his name. He set up an illegal Law Chamber and started duping unsuspecting clients. One day is for the thief and another day is for the owner of the house. After two years of illegal practice, the fake lawyer was nabbed by the police. Now he is “barristering” in the prison yard with hard labour.
As a priest I have been in the Law Court at various times either as a complainant or a defendant. This I did to defend the Faith of the Church. I have been in Magistrate Court, State High Court, and Federal High Court. I look forward to appearing in the Appeal Court and Supreme Court, if need be. The highest Court is the Heavenly Court, when we shall appear before God's judgment seat. In God's case there is no appeal. It is the only court where you can find perfect justice. No bribe is accepted there. It does not entertain Adjournment. It does not require employing the services of a lawyer to defend one's self. I do not know if God will give lawyers more time to argue their case for salvation on that last day.
Where am I heading to? There is one simple legal expression that interests me so much. That simple legal expression is amusing and serious at the same time. It goes thus: “I put it to you….” Whenever this expression is emphatically directed at a complainant or defendant by a legal luminary in the Law court, a favourable or an unfavourable result follows. If your lawyer does not argue well to put it off your neck, then you are not far from prison. Law is indeed a noble profession, if it is accompanied with justice and fair play.  The Law Court is the last hope of the common man.  Nonetheless, it is painful that some Magistrates and Judges today are guilty of miscarriage of justice through bribery and corruption. However, I put it to you that you should try to devote some time to attend court proceedings as an impartial observer. You will learn a lot. From this point I shall utilize the theme of this write-up to express myself on different aspects of national current affairs.
Our ailing President Buhari is back to the country after fifty-one days of medical treatment of an undisclosed sickness in a London hospital. Due to the cabals around him were speaking from both sides of the mouth within the period of his absence, no one knew the actual health condition of the number one citizen of Nigeria. Some of them told us that he was hale and hearty and was resting in the Nigerian house in London. His return was shifted twice on health reasons. At a point it was rumoured that he has kicked the bucket. While in London it was also reported that he spoke with President Trump of America and few other reputable Nigerians. Thank God he transferred power to the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo. Fellow citizens of Nigeria, I put it to you that President Buhari was very sick while in London but he is now recuperating. That is the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. President Buhari stated this fact himself immediately after his return when he was addressing his Cabinet and top Federal Government officials in Abuja. He made it clear that he has not been so sick in the past, even when was in the army. He underwent various laboratory tests and blood transfusion in London. Thank you, Mr. President, for telling Nigerians the truth about your health status. When he was talking, one of the cabals was making a sign to him to stop revealing the truth about his sickness, but it was late. Our dear President, welcome! We wish you quicker recovery and God's guidance as you assume duty once more at Aso Rock.
Your Excellency, I put it to you that the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo did well in your absence. He moved Nigeria forward a little. The Dollar started depreciating while the Naira appreciated. He flew to the Niger Delta area to pacify the troubled citizens from that zone and they were happy. Also the Fulani Herdsmen were silent during your absence. Please tell them to continue to be silent. They have shed enough blood of innocent Nigerians. The climax was the Southern Kaduna massacre. The herdsmen should no more be allowed to carry arms. What they need is to carry sticks in directing their cattle. The Military on their own part continued subduing the Boko Haram terrorists in the North East. It is a pity that pregnant women and mothers with babies have joined the evil group of suicide bombers. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have been pursuing their course peacefully without any harassment from any quarters during your absence. Mr. President, I put it to you that you should consolidate on the gains the Acting President made during your sick leave. There should be no going back to Egypt. Our march as Nigerians should be towards the Promised Land.
Mr. President, I put it to you that the Senate has concluded that your present Ministers should be reshuffled. Those who are not performing ought to be shown the back door. After two years of ministering, Nigerians are hungry, angry, jobless and hopeless. The power sector has failed woefully after committing billions of Naira into it. Nigerians are still wallowing in darkness. Many companies have relocated to viable countries due to constant power failure. Personally, I am making all necessary arrangements to relocate to the newly founded planet. From there I shall proceed to heaven when my journey is over.
Now let me drive down to my home. Anambra State was created on 27 August 1991. Initially it was not well and good with us for some years. Salvation came when Governor Chris Nigige came on board, though without lawful mandate. He exposed the cabals that had been holding the state in bondage since her creation and started some developmental works, especially road construction and payment of workers. Anambrarians heaved a sigh of relief. Later the Appeal Court sitting in Enugu in a landmark judgment sent Ngige packing in 2006; having illegally occupied the Governorship seat for three years. Chief Sir Peter Obi the rightful winner of the 2003 gubernatorial election ascended the throne. He worked tirelessly for eight years. He transformed Anambra State into the Light of the Nation. Obi's tenure was very successful. He handed over power to the incumbent Governor, Chief Willie Obiano, on 17 March 2014. Indeed Willie is willingly working in transforming Anambra State from where Peter Obi stopped. His security network has no equal. Since he came into office, you can sleep with your two eyes closed. Awka Capital City is wearing a glorious look. The 177 Communities in the state have benefited in one way or the other from Obiano's Administration, even though he is not perfect. No one is perfect including my humble self. I put it to all Anambrarians that they must shine their eyes as they go to the poll on 19th November this year for another Gubernatorial Election.
My dear Catholic Faithful, next Sunday, 26 March 2017, is Mothering Sunday. I put it to all mothers (Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Muslims, Pagans, etc) that they should learn how to be good mothers and not murderers. Some bad mothers have murdered their husbands and children. On the other hand, some bad husbands have murdered their wives at the altar of matrimony. Some evil children themselves have murdered their mothers and fathers as well. On this Mothering Sunday, all problematic mothers should reconcile with their booted husbands and ailing children and vice versa. On that Sunday, all living husbands should cook for their wives and children. The mother should relax in the sitting room waiting to be served by the husband. On Fathering Sunday the reverse shall be the case. Meanwhile I wish all Mothers Happy Mothering Sunday in the nearest proximity. For the widows, widowers, motherless and fatherless children, I commend you all into the hands of the merciful God.
We are marching very fast in this month of March. I put it to you that I shall be celebrating my birthday on 1st April and you owe me spiritual and material gifts. Could you guess how old I am? I have revealed it many times in the past. I was born exactly at 12.05p.m on that day. Hence by God's grace I escaped being a complete fool just by five minutes. Indeed I am a wise fool. I wish myself a happy birthday and many more fruitful years. God says in the Book of Isaiah 65 verse 20, “Not to live up to 100 years is a cause.” Therefore I pray that I shall make it to a hundred. Please say a loud “Amen!!!” I put it to you that you should kneel down and pray for me. If I do not live up to 100, then it means that you did not pray for me.
We have gone far into the season of Lent, when we commemorate the Passion and Death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I put to you that you must not allow this unique and merciful season to pass without obtaining the grace of God. You and I are sinners. God is calling us to repentance. Also we should reconcile with one another. Opportunity comes but once. It may be your last or my last Lent on earth. A good Lent leads to a fruitful Easter. Without Good Friday there is no Easter. Let us not despair in the Good Fridays in our lives. We should always be hopeful even in hopeless situations. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is our only hope. The late Reverend Father Timothy Anunobi, while preaching on Easter Night at Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu in the early 1990's said, “If Jesus Christ died and did not resurrect, I would have committed suicide.” My brethren, I put it to you that suffering is part and parcel of Christianity and humanity. After rain comes sunshine. Therefore never you lose hope in any adverse condition. God is never asleep. In God we trust! Happy Easter in advance!


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