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…And the war ended

Oh! How I wished I wasn't alive to witness that day! That was the exclamation from my grandfather who is a life witness of the Nigerian civil war. These drew me to ask him about the war and how it happened. He said my daughter, you will never see such a miserable day in your life. I echoed Amen, still wondering what was going on in his mind.  I could feel the pain and agony he went through during those years of war.
Yes, I have heard, read and seen people tell stories about the war but how it left such emptiness in the hearts of men left me puzzled. Was it such a war that the memories leaves fresh in the minds of the victims up till now. Then my grandfather told me everything he knew about it.
War has being an occasion that I wish can be averted. War have always, existed even in the ancient times, war was a way of proving strength and dominion over other smaller countries or nation. War is almost as old as man. Which make me to worry if it can be stopped? When the drums of war are sounded, fear and terror flow through people's vein, tears from the eyes of little children, a painful memory in the book of history. War yields nothing profitable other than loss of lives and shattered dreams for young minds.
We have been blinded by the quest for power that we have forgotten the damages caused by this dreadful war. When I take a look at some countries where they have being war for years now, then I wonder if there is any hope for a better tomorrow, because none of its citizens will believe in a new dawn, the youths have lost all hope for a better tomorrow and a once ancient city is now becoming nothing but dust and ash.  Then I ask, what is left for the young minds? What will become of us tomorrow if we keep seeking for power?
War do not just leave homes devastated but also leaves an unforgettable memory in the hearts of survivors, it is a history for the generation to come. When I listen to stories told by victims of war, I weep    for their pain and sorrow as they watched their loved ones snatched by war and how defenseless they were. Children killed, some abused and many turned orphans, hunger, poverty and disease attacks wiping out others. When people hear the rumours of war outbreak, fear arouse in the hearts of citizens, where do we run to? In our world today war news have taken the headlines it is either civilians being killed or people running from their country to another.
The economy of many countries today is in shambles because of war. Each time I watch the documentaries of some countries, and see how great and beautiful it were, I am left in a state of dilemma because of how war can turn a once solid city into dust and ash. Children cry for parents they will never see again, loved ones are separated from one another, people running from one direction to another just to save their lives. War does not just affect a countries economy, it also causes psychological and emotional trauma to its survivors due to the unexpected painful memory and experiences.
Some say in the course that they are fighting for their rights and entitlements ,forgetting that thousand  will pay the prize for it especially the poor in the society. Governments around the world should be fair and dialogue with its citizens when this misunderstanding comes up to save the future of immeasurable loss. I wish my writings will touch the minds of those in authority to always remember children who are always the victims of war before making decision.
It is said that if you want peace be prepared for war, but I say “where there is war there cannot be peace” and peace cannot be taken by force but by wisdom and diplomacy in other to save the future of damages.
When will the  world  be free of anarchy and chaos? When will the future of the young people be secured? When will the world leave in peace and harmony? When will we say the war has ended?
My lamentation cannot change the events that have happened, but I wish it will change that which is to happen. I weep for the future and I cry for our lost souls.
 Please let the war end!



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