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It is very imperative to that without the word “failure”, there will be no story of success to tell in one's life. In fact, failure exists in our ever busy path to success in life. By definition, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia defines failure as a state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. It is an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful.
A failure can be a process failure whereby although the activity is completed successfully, a person may still feel dissatisfied if the underlying process is perceived to be below expected standard or benchmark. In a more simple language, it means lack of success. All around the world, people have all experienced failure at some point of their lives, but the worst thing that they possibly could have done is to have let these obstacles stop or limit them in their undying passion and dreams.
Failure is a step towards an ultimate success. It is a lesson, a challenge, a chance to a successive life achievement. They are finger posts on the road to achievement.  It is a condiment that gives success its flavor. The fact that only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly, remains and can't be over emphasized. Bear in mind that failure does not mean inferiority complex but allows you to know that you are not perfect, anyone who dares to perfect perfection will keep failing for there is no such word as “perfection” in the dictionary of the wise and successful men. One must not reach the apex of perfection to have success for with a definite plan and right perspective success is assured. Failure does not mean you don't have what it takes but you have to persevere, do a new thing, be courageous, strong and your success is guaranteed. It does not necessarily imply that you've failed but you've tried something. It does not mean you are a failure (only when you give it a way) but you've not succeeded. It does not mean that God has forgotten you, or never had the thought of you but he has a better plan and package for you. Remember when one door closes, surely another opens. Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to be failure-conscious while success comes to those who become success-conscious. Don't forget that defeat is not defeat until defeat is accepted. Likewise, failure is not failure only if you give in to it and allow it drag you down. You don't become a loser unless you accept and believe you are. Loser is a derogatory term for a person who is according to the standards of the observer generally unsuccessful or undesirable. Malcolm Forbes once said 'failure is success if we learn from it”. Remember, he never said if we leave by it but if we learn from it.

For a greater height and level, one must understand that every failure encountered brings you one step closer to success and that is a natural part of the process. Dear, have it at the back of your mind that if you want to succeed, you double your failure.
Confused about this? You don't have to be, all you have to do is risk it all the way. The reality still remains that you'll fail and have failures but never give up and don't give in to it. Look deep and dig out why you failed and when you try again such mistake would not take place again thereby taking you and moving you a step or steps towards your success. To achieve success, one has to embrace the prospect of failure. Elbert Hubbard was not wrong when he said “there is no failure except in no longer trying”. Proper understanding of this word”failure” will make you:
“To achieve any worthy goal, you must take risks” says John. C . Maxwell.  A man who cannot take risks is not worthy of existing talk more of leaving. To achieve your personal best, reach that defined height and make the impossible possible. You cannot fear failure and still win failure. Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning. It has great delight in tripping one up when success is almost within reach-these can't be denied. But with persistence and constant trying you'll excel for failure cannot cope with persistence. You must continue to think big and push yourself hard. Don't forget sweetie, impossible is only found in the dictionary of fools and lazy people.
Failure helps you learn more than ever about your strengths, talents and resolve. It helps you to strengthen your will for the next challenge and task. In building such mindset, one must remain positive and accept or see failure as necessity for a progressive life of success. One must not fear failure. Fear, the worst of all enemies, can be effectively cured by forced repetition of acts of courage. Failure gives one a mind of courage and self will. It makes one realize that one is the master of one's fate and the architecture of one's dreams. It gives one the mindset that one's mind is a spiritual estate. One has to protect it from fear and use it with the care to which divine royalty is entitled.
Testing yourself and learning from failed attempts helps you to build an unquestionable character. Understanding failure as a pathway to successful events motivates you towards a particular course. Anyone who has achieved greatness has a distinct character which he had allowed failure to plant in him. Dear, if you don't want to be called a failure or accept failure, plant in you unquestionable character. You must rise to be distinct and peculiar among your equals.
 The ability for one to recognize failure gives one the mindset to strive and move higher. Recognizing failure or why you failed is a great tool to achieving success in future occurrences. It is much important to question yourself after a particular failure. Questions like, what brought about the failure? How much of it can I put right? What steps do I need to go through to try again or how will I make it right? What will I do every day to ensure that my next trial is executed more intelligently? Sweetheart, be honest to yourself, analyze your answers and determine to implement them. Being able to analyze yourself honestly and recognize your flaws means that you'll be able to re-cast it into something more likely to succeed.
v    Gather Feedback
It is of necessity to determine which experiment has succeeded and which has also failed. Get advice, not just from one person, but from several. Buy opinions if need be, but be careful of the ones you purchase, you can never tell will lead you to an endless pain and agony. Nevertheless, purchase them for opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth. If one cannot purchase it, one is not worth living for dreams are not achieved alone.

v    Remove emotions from the  equation
It is of great importance to forget where you are, try to look at the likely costs and benefit to continuing from where you are. Don't be in trauma because you feel you have a long way to go, so stand up and take the bull by its horn. It's never too late to give it a trial. Don't allow your emotions take charge of your mind and thinking ability; instead let your mind take charge of emotions. Don't feel depressed and frustrated at a trial but buckle up, try and try again and you'll recognize that you've not failed but you've become stronger. Don't allow mediocrity weigh your soul and mind down.
v    Don't get too attached to your plan
There's nothing wrong absolutely with a plan. No plan survives first contact with the enemy. The danger is a plan that seduces us into believing failure is impossible and adaptation is unnecessary. Don't stick your head to a plan that won't work. Instead have also a plan “B”. There would have not been Titanic sink if plan “B” was initiated. The thought was that as large as it was, it's unsinkable but that thought and idea vanished when it hit the ice berg. Don't allow failure hit you like boomerang, always initiate a plan “B” and expect failure for its part of life.
 According to Winston Churchill “Your daily habits define who you are. You are practically what you do”. Your habits whether good or bad will greatly determine your future. If you're habitual to procrastination, know that failure will hit you down like a boomerang. If you plan to fail, definitely you'll fail and become a failure. Your daily habits contribute half a quota if not all to your failure. Success is not final and failure is not fatal. The courage to continue the journey counts and will lift you higher. Life is not how far it is spent but how well it is spent. If you have failed before and you never gave up, you are stronger than you think. If you have failed recently and considering to give up, don't. If you dare to give up, and then know that your failure is guaranteed, there is no two ways about it. It is in your failure that you'll find a solution for your failure. The obstacle is definitely the way. There will always be a way out, which is certain. “My great concern is not whether you have failed but whether you are contented with failure”, said Abraham Lincoln who never relented and didn't give up. The solution is always there, you just haven't found it out yet. Keep on trying and surely you'll figure it out. Don't be lazy, persevere and your success will be assured. Remember your “set back” is a “set up” for your “set on”. If you are stuck up somewhere, find out why and how you got stuck and dig yourself out of the temporary “set back”.  Unfortunately, most people refuse to do something about their failures. In the end, give up on their dreams and stop working towards what matter to them and make them happy then wallow in discontent. The most painful and regretful life one will leave is an unfulfilled life. Do not allow your failures grant you unfulfilment in life instead rise and never quit.  Be a success not a failure. Your failure should not be your failure guarantor.

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