The Centenary Of Fatima Apparitions (1917 – 2017)

In his introduction to “The Message of Fatima” ...

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Second Letter to Priests of Ahiara Catholic Diocese

The world is in a tragic state when salesmen

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Don't Trivialize The Catholic Bishops' Conference Over The

Our attention has been drawn to the publication

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Bible Reveals Why Virgin Mary Is Queen of Heaven and Earth

A top Pentecostal pastor and General

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The Devil In The Church

A three-year old nursery school pupil was asked by her teacher, “Who created you?” She answered, “Anti, mummy created me.”

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Reflecting on the New Encyclical Laudato Si

Any person reading the new Encyclical, Laudatosi would obviously sense some sense of urgency and would immediately capture in a more vivid way ...

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Social Media Assisted Governance

Governance challenges in Nigeria are broad, diverse and at times sudden.

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Honouring Ugandan Martyrs With Pope Francis

As the Catholic European missionaries (1885) were setting foot on the banks of the River Niger at Onitsha in 1885 to begin planting the Christian faith in Igboland in West Africa...

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