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Anambra CP has banned private individuals from using police as security

The Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Baba Garba Umar, has ordered all Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) in the state to immediately recall all police officers attached to rich individuals in the state as personal security.
Umar who assumed duty in Anambra recently, said the reason for the order was to ensure that there were enough policemen to secure the state, as his primary mandate to the state was to secure the life and property of the people of the state and not just rich individuals.
Speaking on a radio security programme sponsored by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, at the Anambra Broadcasting Service, ABS, Umar said his men could not be given out to private individuals, leaving the command with less men to adequately police the state's populace.
He said, 'I am the chief law enforcement officer here, and my job is to ensure security for the state, and I have just told you what will happen here. Whether the people come from Abuja, Lagos or wherever, we are not giving our men to private individuals as personal security.'
The commissioner also said that as part of his crime prevention strategy for the state, he had mapped out all the crime flash points, and also deployed his men to those areas to ensure effective policing.
'Mind you, I am not the kind of policeman who sits under the air conditioner and let younger officers do the work. I am a field man, and just last night, I was also up until 12midnight, patrolling the various checkpoints to monitor my men. So there is no fear of them using the opportunity of the posting to misbehave,' Umar said.

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