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Dr Obiora Mbah, guber candidate of PRP   

The People's Redemption Party (PRP) candidate for the November 18 governorship election in Anambra State, Dr. Stephen Obiora Mbah, has warned against the deployment of soldiers to handle security issues that would have been easily handled by the police and other para-military agencies.
Mbah was reacting to the recent face-off between the Nigeria Army and Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in Abia State, where the military were deployed.
Mbah spoke upon his return from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) headquarters, Abuja, where he had gone to submit his Form EC 4B (ii) in full preparation for the governorship contest.
Pointing out that the army could only wade into security matters where the police failed to contain the situation, he described as unfortunate, the number of casualties recorded in the aftermath of the IPOB and military clash.
He noted that it was against democratic norms and ethics to freely use the army on the civil populace; even in a war situation. He therefore called for the withdrawal of the military and an end to the army's ''Operation Python Dance II'' in the Southeast.
Mbah also reiterated the preparedness of PRP to take over the reins of governance in Anambra State. He submitted that the Anambra people would have done justice to their electoral mandate, if given to a 'virgin' politician that had sincerity of purpose under a political platform that knew no corruption with a blend of capitalist and socialist ideologies.
He noted that it was unfair to always subject the electorate to hard conditions and abject poverty while the ruling class had continued to wallow in affluence because of corrupt practices.
Mbah said those were some of the major issues he would address if voted in as the next governor of the state and expressed optimism that the PRP would win the guber election in Anambra State to set exemplary leadership that would be the envy of other states in the federation.
Mbah, a medical doctor, assured the people of Anambra State that he would address all injustices being meted out to the people of the state if voted in as next governor.

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