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Engr. Bart Emeka Nwibe, APC Governorship aspirant for Anambra State guber election, 2017.

The APC Governorship aspirant for Anambra State 2017 guber election, Engr. Bart Emeka Nwibe has described workers as the engine of every society. Nwibe, who stated this in his goodwill message to mark the 2017 Annual Workers' Day, otherwise known as May Day in Nigeria, commended the workers of Anambra State and Nigeria for moving the economy of the state and the country forward with their workforce.
Engr. Nwibe, who dedicated his goodwill message to those he said work every day to give the best to their families, the state and the society, said the workers play very important role in moving the economy of Anambra State forward. He promised full implementation of the minimum wage if he emerges the next governor of Anambra State.
The oil and gas engineer who is aspiring to be the next Anambra State governor said, ' Ndi Anambra, we all work hard to earn a living, to move ahead and to be able to give our families everything they need. We would not be where we are if the workers who are the engine of every society are not around.
Nwibe continued, 'Our journey begins now! I am committed to the full implementation of the minimum wage. As a wealth creator, I will open up Anambra State as a hub for foreign investors to take full opportunity and invest in our tourism, agriculture, energy and power. These areas lack adequate investment and need our immediate attention. This will invariably lead to increase in the workforce, revenue generation and may even lead to per capita increase in workers' pay, and create room for Anambra workers to smile big again'.

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