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Nwibe Faults Obiano over NDDC

Engr Bart Nwibe, middle, at a media interactive session,  March 18, 2017. He wants to take Anambra beyond her current level.

A governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Anambra State, Engr. Bart Nwibe, has carpeted Anambra Governor, Willie Obiano, for failing to utilize the opportunity created by his predecessor, Peter Obi, in making Anambra a member of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Jude Atupulazi reports.
Addressing newsmen in his Awka office, Nwibe who said he had the blueprint to take Anambra to a better level, flayed Obiano for spending what he called the scarce resources of the state in building roads in the oil rich Omabala Region when the roads would have been done by the NDDC as they had done in other oil states.
According to Nwibe, an oil and gas mogul, Anambra automatically became a member of NDDC after Obi facilitated it and was therefore free to enjoy all the benefits accruing to members. He wondered why Gov Obiano would be wasting the scarce resources of the state building roads that would have been done by NDDC.
'What it needs is just playing a little politics at the appropriate quarters. We had expected Obiano to leverage on the achievements of his predecessor, Mr. Peter Obi, on this, and make the state an oil producing state, and invite the NDDC to come and do the roads leading to the oil refinery,' Nwibe stated, insisting that what had happened amounted to a waste of resources.
'There is need to think outside the box if we want to succeed. We want a focused leadership that is devoid of clannishness and sectionalism,' Nwibe stated, while promising to run an all-inclusive government.
The APC guber hopeful also took a swipe at the flyovers in Awka, describing them as antiquated. He wondered why Anambra should have such outdated flyovers when other states boasted of modern ones.
He however conceded that there was nothing anyone could do about the bridges for now except to live with them, even as he feared that sometime in the future, an administration would come that might want to do away with them.
The guber aspirant also flayed Obiano over his relationship with local manufacturers, especially with Innoson Motors. According to Nwibe, it is wrong for the governor to shun Innoson by importing cars as could be seen in the security patrol vehicles procured by the state government.
'What has happened to Innoson? Is that the way to support local industries? Nwibe wondered, even as he wanted evidence of the five million dollar investment he said the present government was claiming.  
Nwibe also condemned the call by former Governor of the Central Bank, Prof Chukwuma Soludo, that the state should forgo the November 18 election because the incumbent governor, Chief Willie Obiano, was doing well.
Soludo had at a lecture advised governorship aspirants in the race to consider investing their planned campaign funds in other ventures such as building of industries and allow Obiano to complete his second term tenure as there was no vacancy.
Nwibe who described Soludo's call as anti-progressive and undemocratic, said, 'Soludo is anti-progressive in thinking and reasons like an emperor.
'Periodic elections are the hallmark of democracy. And each election period, people are free to vote or be voted for. For Professor Soludo to endorse somebody and say there should be no election in the state because someone is doing well portrays him as an anti-progressive.
'The call is undemocratic, it's anti progressive, and nobody should listen to such a person,” Nwibe stated.
Nwibe who said he had superior ideas on how to govern the state better, said the present situation in the state only scratched the surface. He said if voted into power, he would ensure that the state was designated an oil producing state within a few months in office.
'I have better plans for the state. If voted to power, I will stop our graduates from being employed as beer parlour attendants because that's demeaning of graduates. I will create befitting jobs for our youths,' Nwibe assured.
Other areas he pledged to work on include electricity generation to power industries and empower youths, as well as leveraging on the human capital of the state to provide a conducive environment for growth of the state's economy.
On the issue of the party having favoured candidates, Nwibe dismissed it as mere empty talk, assuring that the contest at the primaries would be free and fair.
'I can tell you authoritatively that the party has not endorsed anybody. It's going to be a free and fair contest. Nobody has been endorsed,' Nwibe insisted.

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