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Mr Godwin Ezeemo

Mr Godwin Ezeemo, an entrepreneur and governorship candidate of the Progressive People's Alliance, PPA, in Anambra State, has said that traditional festivals, if well harnessed, can serve as a revenue earner for Igbo people of the Southeast.
Ezeemo who was at the 2017 Afia Olu Cultural Festival organised by Nzuko Ora Nnewi, called on custodians of Igbo culture and Igbo pressure groups to look into all Igbo practices to find out ways of preserving and improving them with a view to turning them into money spinners.
Ezeemo who is a promoter of Igbo Language, expressed the need for the preservation and improvement  of various Igbo traditions and culture, while also condemning the use of the English Language in conducting Igbo festivals and events.
'We, Igbos should be proud of our language and communicate with it whenever we are with fellow Igbos,' he said.
Afia Olu Cultural Festival is an August Festival celebrated in Nnewi annually to mark the end of the year's farming season and as a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.
Various Igbo communities hold similar celebrations within the same period and for similar reasons, prominent among which is the New Yam Festival.
Ezeemo who is seeking to be elected as governor of Anambra State, said if elected, his government would harmonise the various festivals in the state and turn them into tourist attractions where people would come from far and wide to witness, while also serving as a catalyst for business boom.
'People will come here with their resources, spend them here to eat our food, sleep in our hotels, and transact other businesses too. Who knows, by coming here they may find one business opportunity to invest in, and jobs will be created,' Ezeemo said.

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