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Supreme Subordinate Secretary, Brig Gen. Chidi Arinze  delivering his lecture at the workshop

Awka Grand Board of Trustees, Knight of St. John International (KSJI) has organized a one day workshop for worthy presidents, recording, corresponding secretaries and financial secretaries to ensure more efficiency and effectiveness in administration of assigned responsibilities.
The one day workshop which was held at the Knights of St. John International Hall, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Awka on Saturday, August 12, 2017 was attended by delegates and key officers of Awka Grand Commandery.
Members during the workshop where exposed to what effective administration entails and topical issues in the secretariat of Knights of St. John International.
Speaking to Fides, the Grand President of Awka Grand Commendery, KSJI, Sir Godfrey N. Muotolu noted that the workshop was an annual event organized in every commandery for her members to refresh their mind on the tenets and mode of operation of the Order. He maintained that the workshop would help members in the administration of their official duties and help to checkmate abuse.
The lecture series according to the president was to update the knowledge of her members and review areas where some members had drifted from the acceptable rules guiding the order.  
 In a lecture titled ‘Effective Administration of Knights of St. John International’, a guest speaker and supreme subordinate Secretary, Nigeria Knights of St. John International, Brig. Gen. Chidi Arinze explained effective administration to be synonymous with mastery, obedience and respect to the constitution, byelaws, rules and regulations, code of conduct of the order and the use of gravel where applicable.
He tasked officers of the order to always carry out their responsibilities in line with the supreme constitution and supreme subordinate commandery by law saying that their strict adherences prevent abuse of the legal documents.
He described the duties of various key officers and advised the president to always handle the gravel which a symbol of authority with fairness and in justice.   
Presenting a paper on 'Topical Issues in the Secretariat of Knights of St. John International' Brig. Gen. Arinze identified non rendition of returns, inaccurate recording, lateness in sending returns, recording secretaries not up and doing with respect to their office and callings. He enjoined the secretaries to be effective in recording the proceedings of their meetings and to be up to date in their records, saying that a secretary was the soul of a meeting.
Speaking after the workshop, Prof. Pita Ejiofor described the workshop as a success as it had re-focused and reviewed the responsibilities of elected officers in the knighthood for the lead to judge the effectiveness of their leaders.
For his part, Prof. AU Nnonyelu ascribed the workshop as significant as it helped members acquire knowledge in areas of inadequacies. He noted that the educative workshop would introduce significant change in the operation and work attitude of members.   
According to Prof. Nnonyelu, the workshop which was a training ground was for members to learn and discipline themselves in Order of knighthood for their importance to be felt in the universal church.         
  Issues affecting the Order such as saluting without a cap, serving government official and politicians who absented themselves from meeting, sick members making payment, uniformity of all Order activities, cancellation of death members and how discipline of airing members should be carried out among other where addressed at the workshop.
In his homily during, the mass celebration, Fr. Anthony Ezeoke charged members to develop devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary saying that she can do all things. He urged them to bring Mary into their homes through praying the rosary and re-emphasized the fact that Catholic's don't worship Mary but honour her. 

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