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Catholic Women's Organisation (C.W.O), Awka Diocese coming for cathedraticum at Adazi Region. The bishop extols the C.W.O for handsome investment in education.

As the crusade against extravagant burial and funeral ceremonies by the Catholic bishop of Awka Diocese has continued to gain support, the auxiliary bishop of the diocese, Most Rev Dr Jonas Benson Okoye has identified offering sacrifices of Holy Masses for the repose of the soul of deceased ones as what burial and funeral ceremonies demand, not lavish feast.
Bishop Jonas Benson Okoye, who stated this at the 2017 Annual Chrism Mass and Cathedraticum for Adazi Catholic Region of Awka Diocese at St Andrew's Catholic Church, Adazi-Nnukwu, Anaocha L.G.A of Anambra State on April 12, said Holy Masses for the repose of the soul of the dead ones was the only thing beneficial to them and not extravagant pomp and pageantry feasts.
He regretted that many do not take good care of their parents when they were alive, but at their death, waste resources that would have been beneficial to the living in the name of befitting burial ceremonies.
Citing a case in Anambra State where the type of casket for the burial of a dead member of the family caused disarray in a family, because a member insisted that the dead person will be buried with casket cost N1.2M which the other disagreed and opted for N200, 000.00 worth of casket, the Catholic bishop exhorted all against wasteful burials.
The bishop advocated for befitting living where such wealth should be invested into projects and programmes like schools, churches and community projects that will be beneficial to the living. According to him, 'What the dead need are Holy Masses, prayers and good works from the living for the happy repose of their souls. Occasion where so much money are wasted in many ashebis, committee of friends, excessive food and drinks, cows, goats, brochures and souvenirs during wedding ceremony are not necessary.
He kicked against waste and advocated that such fund be invested in a monumental structure or more in memory of the dead at the Catholic Diocese of Awka proposed Peter University, Onneh/Achina for the good of the young ones, saying that such good work makes way for heavenly inheritance.
Bishop Okoye appreciated the Catholic Women's Organisation (C.W.O), Awka Diocese for the hostel project they are currently sponsoring at the Peter University and charged the Catholic Men's Organisation (C.M.O), Awka Diocese to learn from the C.W.O. He observed that the plot of land allocated to the C.M.O for their projects at the university has been abandoned bushy.

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