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Sir Peter Obi, CON, KSS (3rd from left), presents his donation of N1M cheque to St Mary's High School, Ifitedunu for school development. The cheque was received by the senior prefect, Marvis Nwokoye (on Obi's right) and the former senior prefect, Samuel Agbanu (on Obi's left). Second from right is the school, manager, Rev Fr Dr Jude Ifeanyichukwu Onebunne.

The former Governor of Anambra State, Sir Peter Obi, CON, KSS has identified lack of investment in education as the cause of the underdeveloped state of Nigeria and sub-Saharan African, calling for massive investment in education.
Sir Obi, who stated this during his recent visit to the Catholic Diocese of Awka-owned St Mary's High School, Ifitedunu, Anambra State, said education is the only thing that changes the world for the better.  According to Obi, 'the world has moved from baggage economy to knowledge economy. Nobody thinks about oil and how many buildings people have today, but instead about knowledge which is education. Whether we are talking about science and technology or cars, it is education. We need to invest in the education so as to protect the young ones who are the future of our society'
He continued, 'Once we invest in the education of the children, take care of them, develop and empower them, they will take care of their future'.
The former governor, who kick started massive investment and development of education in Anambra State advised the students to remain focused in all they do and to even while in school set agenda of greatness for themselves.
Obi, who insisted that the old generation has lost it, encouraged the students to imbibe the philosophy of those that have contributed to humanity, upturn the old retrogressive orders and turn them with ennobling new orders.
Mr. Obi, who said he was at the school to interact with the students, called on them (students) to be rebels, saying that it only by doing so that the society would become better. 'Rebellion in the sense I am addressing you today is not to go into the bush to fight established order. Rebellion, as I use it is that positive human act by which one is determined to fight the ills in the society by personal example. It is the urge in us not to join the bands of the corrupt, it is the urge to be genuinely patriotic and to offer selfless service to the society', Sir Peter Obi said.
He extolled the school manager, Rev Fr Dr Jude Onebunne, who is also his friend for the massive development of the school within a shot while it was returned to the Church. Obi, who said he has special interest to partner with St Mary's High School, Ifitedunu in education development, presented a cheque of N1M to support the continuous infrastructural upgrade of the school. He equally gave some gift items to the students and the teachers for their refreshment.
In his remarks, the manger of St Mary's High School, Ifitedunu, Rev Fr Dr Jude Ifeanyichukwu Onebunne extolled Sir Peter Obi for the positive impacts of his actions on humanity.
Rev Fr Onebunne described Peter Obi as a man of honour, saying that the feat Anambra State achieved on education was principally his work. 'I was the manager of Holy Child Secondary School, Isuofia before I was posted to St Mary's, I can tell you with certainty that under Obi, we saw the practical demonstration of what it means for a governor of a state to be completely devoted to education and other sectors of governance', Fr Onebunne said.

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