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Sing, oh Little Bird!

I woke up one early morning with a big smile, said my prayers to God Almighty, my creator. I sat by the window side, gazing at the wonders of nature, the handiwork of the creator. The early morning sun greeted me with a smile as they shined on me;  the flock of birds, different colours and sizes singing melodiously in different rhythm; The cocks crowing loud; the monkeys swinging around  the trees of nature. The trees dancing to the music of nature as they prostrate in thanksgiving to their creator. The flowers blossom in affirmation to the love of their creator. The grasses sway in appreciation to God. Then I wondered how this little but amazing and wonderful  creatures appreciated the love of their creator and heaved a heavy sigh.  I said to myself, who is man that he should not appreciate God?.
These amazing creatures wait no second to do that upon which they are created.  The birds move in droves. The trees dance in adherence  to the song of nature. The flower blossoms and the grasses sway in loyalty to the morning dews. Why does man wait to be pushed to be who he is meant to be.? Why is it that man finds it a task to appreciate their creator? Why Is it  that man dream and leave it unfulfilled? Why can't man leave to the purpose of their creation? Why can't man be united as the bird?  Why  can't man prostrate like the trees? Why can't man shine like the sun?  Why can't man blossom like the flowers? Why can't man be just Man?
Yes! It's rainy. What happens in the rainy season?  The Sky becomes rainy with the  mouth of the earth wide open to drink water. The soil is ploughed, seeds planted. Crops spring up and bears fruit. Pasture becomes green and the shepherd becomes happier.  So is the life of man.
God has created man, planted in him with gifts, talents, potentials,  skills and endowed him with great beauty both inward and outward. That is the beauty of God himself. But what has  man done to Him. What have you done with your talent? What have you planted? A seed of discord or peace, greatness or failure,  integrity or low self esteem, obedience or disobedience, failure or success, love or hatred, sadness or joy, praise or ingratitude?
What talent or gift do you have? Breath into it, Nurture it, let the sun shine on it . Never allow weeds to grow near. How much have you utilized the gift in you to help humanity? How bright is your light shinning in another's life? Do not let this spring period pass you by. Decide to plant a seed of joy, peace, love, greatness .  Shine your light in the life of others.
The bees love their hives, the birds love their flock. How much do you love another? How much do you care? How much do you support another in time of need. Mother Theresa said "intense love does not measure, it gives. How many have you given and how much do you love to give.
 Remember, it's spring. It's time for work.  Plant now and allow that voice in you to sing like the little birds. Blossom like flowers!

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