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Being good was as much a part of my upbringing as eating breakfast and going  to school. It isn't something that you do in your spare time. It was clear that it was the very purpose of life. In that context you are not obligated to win. You are obligated to keep trying, even as you make mistakes.
It is raining still .. maybe it is not one of those showers that come in one minute  and depart in the next minute as I had so boldly assumed. Maybe none of them are. After all, life in itself is a chain of rainy days.  But there are times when not all of us have umbrellas to walk under and also times when we are handicapped or incapacitated to use our umbrellas. Those are the times when we need people who are willing to assist or lend their umbrellas to a wet stranger on a rainy day.  I think I'll go for a walk with my umbrella.
Three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind. The second is to be Kind and the third is to be kind. Being kind and good entails that you should show love to your neighbour. I advise, spread love everywhere you go. First of all in your own house ... let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living  expression of God's goodness. Goodness in your face, goodness in your eyes, goodness in your smile, goodness in your warm greeting. Do not forget that people's experience or encounter with you can trigger  hope to one who is down cast. There is no doubt that goodness entails reaching out a helpful hand to someone who is in need. And that is why I say, "Blessed are those that can give without remembering and take without forgetting". Here is a slight allusion: Kingsley is a Rev.father's house boy. One morning when he was doing his morning chores,  washing the father's car, a gray haired, heavily bearded old man with rutter slippers enterd te rectory (i.e. parish house) and introduced  himself to the young lad (Kingsley) as a priest. He said that he  wished to see the Parish Priest and kingsley who doubted the old man to be a priest replied that the parish priest was on leave and the parochial Vicar was not around. The old man requested from kingsley a ?2oo note to add air to his tyre because he got a flat tyre on his way. Kingsley, who still doubted the possibility of the old man being a priest and possessing a car gave him the ?200 naira note. After one week the old man actually was a priest returned to the same parish to see the young lad but unfortunately the boy was not around but the priest was fortunate to meet the vicar whom he handed over the items he brought for the boy . Later in the day, when the boy came back, the parish Vicar handed him over the items brought for him by the priest which included; 3 packets of shirts, two pairs of trousers and a  white envelop containing 7000 only.
We are each of us angels with only wings. And we can only fly by embracing each other. Therefore, you have to open your eyes and look for some work for the sake of humanity which need a little time, a little friendship, a little sympathy, a little sociability, a little suffering, and a little sacrifice. It is needed in every nook and cranny. Therefore, search and see if there are some places where you are yet to invest for the good of humanity.
In addition. Going down the memory lane would remind us that even Christ in the Bible knew the importance of being kind and good to people. No wonder the miracles performed by our Master Jesus have remained uncountable and innumerable. Example: Healing of the blind man called Bartimeus, the paralytic and also the story of the good Samaritan. Hence, in Him we see the mélange of goodness and kindness together with its beneficial fruits.
Consequent upon this, we cannot say that goodness does not only defy odds. To cultivate goodness and kindness is  valuable of the business of life. As Christians if we do not consider all other people as having value and worth. Knowing, we are prejudiced, against which the Bible speaks strongly; my brethren, do you with your acts of favourism really believe in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ? For if a person with gold ring and in fine clothes come into your assembly, and if a poor person in dirty clothes also comes in, and if you take notice of the one wearing the fine clothes and say, ‘have a seat here, please, while to the one who is poor you say, ‘stand there, or ‘sit at my feet,’ have not made distinctions and become judges with evil thoughts (James 2: 1-4) NRSV.
Being good, kind and nice translates to accepting each for his/her individual worth. Experience and research have prove to me that some people still wallow in the vice of predicaments and sufferings of their fellow human being. All these are due to some factors like socio-economic class (great gap between the status, ethnic origin and otherwise.)
Let us bear in mind that each and every one of us on earth is important. We cannot leave without the other. Individualism should not be found amongst us,rather let us uphold communalism. It is only in the practice of communalism that we can see and recognize the importance of each person irrespective of his race, colour, age, sex, etc. Everyone has value or as a popular saying of the growing - up years reminds. God don't make no junk".
In conclusion, let us know that it is only the undervalued, underated, belittled that can be in a better position to teach us, encourage us and even be important allies for us. This is because they can easily  sacrifice their time, energy e.t.c. Being kind always comes back to repay us in the long run. We don't lose by being good, kind or nice. One elderly gentleman once said, "when I treat other people with kindness and love, it is part of my way of paying my debt to God and the world for the priviledge of living on this planet.


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