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The Chemistry of Yesterday

It was a hot and sunny afternoon and the sun was shining as if God was going to take it away from mother earth. The practicals back in school weren't helping matters at all as my head kept aching all day. I went home immediately I dropped my pen. I thought it wise resting my head.
Sooner than later, I was in Diamond's Lodge. I quickly went upstairs to my room. I dipped my hand into my bag to bring out my key. I Thought maybe I didn't search very well for it when I didn't see it.  In an attempt to empty my bag for the key, I bent down. My head touched the door and it shifted a bit.  I opened my door, looked around and all was intact. I hung my bag on a nail fixed into the wall and just immediately, something caught my attention. It was a small envelop on my reading table.
I picked the white envelop, read it over and over again. I stood for minutes without blinking my eyelids. Was I confused, scared or was my BP high? A lot of things kept ruminating in my mind and I couldn't get hold of anything . I fell back on the sofa in my room and sat gazing on the enlarged photograph of me during my Matriculation into the University. I took a look at the letter and back to the photograph, shook my head sideways and gave a big sigh.  Hot sweat filled my face dipping like morning dews falling from the edges of leaves. My hand was shaking like that of an epileptic patient having her crisis at the moment and the letter fell from the grip of my hand. My eyes kept spinning like the wheel of a car with the speedometer  reading over 300kmh. I soliloquized for a while and hot tears dropped down my cheeks.
I am Sophia Obi, a 200 level Industrial Chemistry  student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (NAU)  popularly called UNIZIK. My friends call me Princess Sophie owing to my beauty.  Here is my story...
I began my journey into the dark on a very good Monday afternoon in my school. That was the day I met Bonaventure Soludo, a 400 level Biochemistry student. Bona is a tall, dark handsome young man with a calm and gentle voice that leaves every lady sway.  Maybe that was what actually magneted him to me.
I was trekking down to my lodge from Science Village, when a sweet masculine voice called unto me. At first I pretended I didn't hear. You know that ego that goes with ladies when a guy approaches them. Mine wasn't gonna be  different, so pretence was the best option at the moment.  Then, the voice came again. I turned back and saw a handsome dude well  dressed. I stood for while and he got up to me. "Good afternoon pretty damsel", he greeted now in a very calm manner. I responded. He introduced himself and a conversation ensued between us. I got to know him as Bona and he exchanged contacts.
From that day onward, Bona  never stayed a day without giving me a call. We began to read together. Sometimes, we meet at his house and other times we meet at mine. Through him I came to understand chemistry as an easy ride.  Most times, I call him the Thomas Edison of our time. Not long after, I became fond of him. Sooner it occurred to me, a close relationship had established between us. Our relationship waxed stronger as the day went by. One good thing about Bona was that he was a Christian and God fearing. We became the latest couple on campus.  We kept our friendship blooming like the morning rose.  Hours turned days, days into weeks, weeks into months and we kept going.
During one of our reading sessions, it occurred to me that  Bona has not introduced me to any of his friends. The curiosity led me to asking if he had any friend at all. But instead of answering me, he assured me of opening up some other time. I let the sleeping dog lie, I guessed he didn't want to talk about it.
Long enough my phone began entertaining strange and bizarre text messages. Initially, I took it to be a wrong messages. I remember the first day I received the first message. It was by 2:00am, what an ungodly hour. My message tone was what woke me up. I never understood any of the words as they were all written in an unknown language. Day broke, I met Bona in school. He read the message but didn't make any thing out of it. Day after day messages kept  dropping in my inbox. They were all written in a strange language. This made it more impossible for me to understand them. When it became obvious that the messages weren't going to stop, Bona offered to always sleep over in my room. I didn't  decline his offer. We began sleeping in the same room. I equally made sure that he never slept on the same bed with me. He stays on the rug while I took to the bed. I became more frightened than ever. I needed someone to tell me that it was all dream. Not until now, the letter became a reality. Yes, I was not dreaming, it was happening live in my life. I remembered the day I was going home with Bona. We walked hand in hand like a couple who had just walked down the aisle. Then a young gruesome man intentionally came and stepped on Bona wanting to start a fight.  With my intervention, Bona didn't fight back.  I later asked Bona if he knew the man, but he of course denied knowing him. Another day, it was me. The same gruesome man. I was coming out of the library, all of a sudden. Someone pushed me and all my books fell. He didn't apologize, instead he walked away. Next was the pouring of acid on Bona. Fortunately for him, he escaped and it poured on another female student who was passing by.  Similar bad incidents caused by same faces became regular to both of us.  I began having nightmares in broad day light.
All my attempts to find out who they were proved abortive. Bona  advised that I never walk alone to avoid future similar occurrences.  Yet, it was nonstop. The letter unfolded everything. I dropped the letter, picked up my phone and dialed Bona. Few minutes later, Bona was in my room.  I was in tears, he stood confused. I didn't utter a word, I handed him over the letter. After reading it, he gave a sigh and sat beside me. His hand went across my shoulders but I angrily reproved him not to touch me.
 Why didn't he tell me all this while? Why didn't I know earlier that my good and wonderful friend was a cultist? Why didn't he tell me that he was also an ex-convict? Why didn't he tell me he came to my school for shield and rescue? Why didn't he say he was a murderer? Why didn't he admit he knew all about those fearful nights and nightmares. A lot of whys. I was in a state of dilemma.  
Bona was a strong and brave young man. He took no shit from nobody.  For this reason he earned the position of being the head of the execution team in his cult group. They wanted my own Bona back.  They wanted to tread his past with his present. Maybe this was why they kept hunting and hurting me. What was I supposed to do? Sit down and watch them take him away?  
I loved Bona and I knew he loved me. He all this while wanted to protect me from the scars of his yesterday. He was willing to hide all that from me for my happiness and I appreciated it so much but that never changed the fact that he was an ex-convict and a cultist. Things never changed and we rolled together. I knew he was a changed man. His repentance was sincere. We  both made sure that we never leave each other's side after lectures.
On one  Sunday night, Everything  ended. Yes, even Bona ended. He was shut. We were together that night. It was around 9:30pm. We had taken dinner when we realized that there was no drinking water in the house. Bona decided to go to the street and purchase a bag of sachet water. I never wanted him to go but he insisted that he can't take the water fetched from public tab. I still opinionated to boil the water for him, he said no. Few minutes he left the house, he became a corpse. I heard I gun shot. It was Bona. He was gone forever. For his refusal to go back to his yesterday, the cultists shot him. And that was the end of a good life, bright future and wonderful man. If tears could raise the dead, mine would have raised Bonaventure Soludo.







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