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Female Mechanic. Sandra Aguebor Ekperuoh. Source: Afrizap.com

Ekweogu Nancy Chisom

One of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard is the sound of a beautiful, strong woman's voice who had  discovered her true worth. She sounds empowered - she sounds confident - but most of all, she sounds free. She may be the weaker sex, but she's not weak at all. She can be the better manager, the better coordinator, the better psychologist, teacher, role model and the most articulate, just like her male counterpart.
  How far have women gone in our society today?
   Today, women are virtually seen in various organizations handling one powerful, financial, strategic positions or the other. But just like an 'indelible mark', that gender segregation experienced in those earlier days can still be felt today in our society today.
She might seem weak but not weak. Just few days ago, I was in a tricycle on my way to the market, when we saw a lady mechanic. Yes! A lady mechanic. “Imagine!”(with a tone that shows disgust), was in the lips of almost all my fellow passengers. It was a surprise to all and it was quite obvious. Suddenly, one of the male passengers said, “That's nonsense!” and then he frowned.  What exactly was “nonsense”? Was he intimidated by this wonderful Lady?
  Of course, it was obvious he was threatened by her but all he said was, “that's nonsense!” and he went on to add, “She is an 'agbero' ”. Meaning she was a tout. It's okay for a man to do the job and not be termed “an agbero” but not okay for a woman? I turned and looked at him in annoyance but couldn't find the right words to use at him.
  What am I saying?
Now, if this young lady had resorted to prostitution, wouldn't this same man call her names still? Wouldn't he cast a stone at her still? I mean, in such an unemployment economy of today, what exactly would this lady do and wouldn't be termed “a tout”, “a prostitute” “Unfit” or called other offensive names? Yet, in most countries, corporate jobs are still considered “not fit” for a lady. Then, the question here is, what's fit for a lady? “the kitchen and bedroom” Right? Okay.
It's really annoying, the offensive way in  which women are being talked about and referred to, simply because, right from the beginning, a woman was meant to be the subordinate. Woman (the neck) was made to be below the man (the head). In the homes, to be submissive to man, follow him, respect him, and support him. While the man's responsibility was to protect, provide and love.
It's appalling that in today's society, very few men keep up to their responsibilities and this has created an OPPORTUNITY for change of power or what I call “AN OVERTHROW”. Let's take for instance, the smallest unit of the society as a case study – The family. The woman (suffers the pains of pregnancy and child bearing)bears offspring, she's sensitive to the needs of the children and the man, she cooks, washes dishes and does other chores (Her primary responsibility) but then, she still works on two or more jobs just to be able to maintain and provide for the family – Her family. She pays schools fees, takes the kids to school, and pays house rent and other bills (Secondary responsibility). Then tomorrow, one would say she's rebellious? Why wouldn't she be? She assumes the role of the head in the family. Yes, maybe she takes up sole responsibilities because she is being paid well, but then, would she fold her hands and watch things go sour? NO.
 Yes, she's meant to assist and not take up sole responsibilities in the home. Come-on Man! If you are threatened, then brace up! Don't shy away from your responsibilities. Let me tell you, no matter the income or earnings of a woman in the family, even if she earns ten times as much as the man, if the man is responsible enough to take up sole responsibilities in the family, as he is meant to, the woman will be 99.9% submissive. There will be no OPPORTUNITY for an overthrow. But the reverse is the case. Women are taking charge. They are bread winners, they handle great positions, do almost everything a man can do and you call them weak? God is not asleep. Yes, she is weak but strong.
 That - “what a man can do a woman can do better is a statement with provable certainty. Women are hustlers. Whatever a woman does, she does with passion and achieves results.
Talk about management? She could manage effectively and efficiently. Talk about ruthlessness; she could be ruthless to the core. Talk about being emotional? She could be really emotional. You Talk about sensitivity? She's the most sensitive. You talk about team work? Then why does she let you (man) handle the finances while she handles the chores? I mean, the reverse should have been the case then. You talk about sincerity and transparency? Then, we should have had more men occupying very strategic, financial or sensitive positions today instead of the reverse. You Talk about Sympathy? Oh, she really is. You Talk about being tough? She could endure painful situations.
She's the better parent, a better teacher, a better counsellor, a better psychologist, a better follower and could be a better leader when given an “OPPORTUNITY” not a “CHANCE”. Why? This is because, whether she is  given a chance to lead or not, she takes up the slightest OPPORTUNITY to make thing right. Even in the Bible, we have women of opportunities.
Women are weak but strong. Therefore, if you're a dull woman, wake up! Now is not the time to slack. Who said you aren't and can't be relevant to your society? If this young lady mechanic could stand out and say to herself in this hard times, “it's high time I earned real cash for myself in a genuine way”, you too can. Listen, if you don't empower yourself, you will only be relevant in the kitchen, and the “other room”. You will never get to the boardroom! You will be irrelevant. Of course maybe, you are weaker, but not weak.



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