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Who Is Sembila?

Sambila doing what he knows best

Mr Nzeadi Nnaemeka Vitalis is the CEO of Sembila Global Ventures, a foot wears manufacturing company located in Amawbia, Anambra State. He is not a graduate. He didn't study shoe making in the University, neither did he go on apprenticeship to learn how to manufacture amazing designs of shoes, canvas, sandals, pams and slippers, stamps, belt and other related materials.
How it Started
Sembila:  I attended a boarding school. On particular day during my first year, I was selected to work at the school cobbler shop. That was in 2006. At this time, I only knew how to stitch sandals. It was during my six years in secondary school that I broadened my skill through personal practice and learning from my fellow student cobblers. So, as time went on I started taking a shot at really making sandals and pams slippers and sold them to fellow students. They loved my work and I started making money while in school. I also did small leather works, stamps, belts, bags, foot rests and so on. I also wrote a novel then in my SS1.
After Secondary School
Sembila : I was studying Philosophy, but deep inside me, I knew I had this clear as sky talent for shoe making. So I took the radical step of excusing myself from school and opening my own Shoe making company. I had a shop at my home town in Akpo. After sometime, I realized that I need to relocate to a better place. I found a shop at Amawbia, just beside Y-junction. And that's where I stay now.
The Secret behind your Success
Sembila : Quality! When you have quality and creative shoes, you don't even need any advert. Most of the people that visit my shop were referred to me by someone who I worked for. So I give my clients the best of what they want. Sometimes when people bring samples to me, I discover flaws in the samples or suggest to them on ways to produce a better product. Again, with my experience, I already know the fake leathers in the market and I don't use them! My family has also been very helpful. I can't thank them enough.
How has the Business been moving?
Sembila : God has been really great. The country is generally bad, but so far so good. Initially, I must tell you, it was very tough and challenging. But gradually, I became popular among my fellow shoe makers and many clients. Right now, I have many works from individuals, schools piled up on my desk. Sometimes I may have to employ some people to help me with the assembling the footwear so at to deliver on time.
On www.sembila.com

Francis Nwankwo, Sambila displaying some foot item at Sambila Global Ventures
Sembila : Yes, I have a website www.sembila.com where I sell both my samples and that of some other people. There are lots of cool footwears on display on my website. Order for any of them and we deliver it to your doorstep. You can also contact me on Facebook or Whatsapp and place your order or sample and we have it delivered to you. You see Sembila Ventures is digitalized (laughs).
On Tertiary Education
Sembila : I am currently studying Entrepreneurship and Business Management in the Nigeria Open University, Abagana Study Center.
 Challenges and Targets
Sembila:   I think I need a bigger better shop that would incorporate a show room, a store and workshop in spacious rooms. I also wish to expand the company and employ workers to improve production. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if Sembila becomes an international brand like Versace, Gucci and so on.
On the name, Sembila
Sembila: (Laughs). The name was actually from a role I played in a school drama. After the drama, my fellow students made sure the name took over my real name. So, when I started my company, I decided to go by the same name.
Thanks for your time.
You're welcome.

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