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A Tour with great minds

Speakers in the programme: Anambra Creative Forum 2017

How do you feel when you meet, talk, walk and dine with caliber of great minds? What feeling do you also get when you sit and interact with brainy, intellectuals, smart and bright young fellows walking in your imagination and doing big wonders? What chemistry do your legs tell you when you grace the same platform with inspirators and achievers.
 My horizon was widen and my eyes opened, my smile kept blooming, my joy elevated, my imagination took a new shape and my brain sharpened last Thursday, May 11, at Kenneth Dike Library as the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) held  Anambra Creative Forum 2017 in celebration of 2 Years of the Programme: Creative Forum on ABS 88.5FM. The programme was centered on Advertising and Public Relation, Journalism, Publishing, Creative Writing, ICT, Social Media, Film Making, Music and Entertainment.
I took my time to explore minds and I discovered creativity through imagination. Here is my tour, hope you enjoy it…
The house was filled with low class and high class, students and non students, great innovators and inventors. The first speaker after the presenter, Eze Onwuji presented his opening remarks was Prof. Chinyere Stella Okunna, Ph.D, the first Female professor of Mass Communication in Nigeria and the present Dean of Mass Communication Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. I call her a Mother. Yes, she is a mother indeed. She taught us how to harmonize our skills and talent. She actually took us on a mental ride towards skill development, reading culture and creativity. She said “Reading makes a leader.”
Then I met, Hon. Dr. Pete Ibida, member representing Njikoka 11 State Constituency in the Anambra State House of Assembly. He narrowed his life philosophy to hard work, focus and motivation. Indeed, he is a motivator. He said, “I like to be motivated, anything that motivates me and spurs me to action, I anchor on”. He went further to dish out what he called the Seven-Way formula of Parents and teachers towards motivating the children. He, indeed is a teacher and encourager.
Sir Chuka Nnabuife, MD National Light blew it all as he sat at the program and composed a poem. That's what I call creativity.  He took us around journalism and taught us on Becoming a writer.  He said, “Don't write fantasy,  write what entices your audience. Writing is intuitive. To be a writer, entertain yourself to the fullest before bringing it to the world”. He concluded with the words of Oscar Wield; “the difference between journalism and literature is that, journalism is unreadable while literature is read. By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the society”. He handed us over to Odili Tony Ujubuonu.
Tony is the writer and composer of the Anambra State Anthem. He recomposed it 15 times before he got what we all enjoy now as this amiable state's Anthem.  He said “tap into the new word of creativity, tap into the skills, for creative mind must be bold and able to deconstruct to construct”.  With that he led us to Pascal Usubo.
Pascal is an electrical engineer, actor, director, producer, videographer, photographer and script writer. He rode us on the wheels of film making and gave us the insight of his dream about Nollywood. He said, “I don't want to make stars, characters rather I want to make characters stars”. Pascal introduced us to like minds like;
Kachukwu Kachukwu, the founder of campus Amebo, a tall slim and handsome guy with a strong instinct to explore the world. Martin Nworah, a crazy blogger. Chizoba Ejike Esther, Miss Anambra 2014/2015 session. She is this tall, friendly and an ambitious young lady with a great passion to help humanity. Muoneke Lorenzo Iyke, a graphics designer. Iyke walks in imagination. He taught us how to make our imagination real and harmonize our thoughts. Michael Nwobo, the animator. Michael is a creator. He automatically gives life to inanimate objects. In fact he breaths in them and that ended our tour. Thanks to Nze Tony Nworah, Managing Director of ABS and Ndi Anambra for creating such platform for young minds.



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