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You Are Beautiful

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. Many young people often feel inferior especially when it comes to the issue of beauty, and this can lead to low self esteem. As it is said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
    I was going through the internet and something caught my attention, the most beautiful women in Africa. As I was previewing the list , some of the names on the list were Genevieve Nnaji, Chimuamanda  Adiche and so many others. Then I realized that the list was prepared based on their success and achievements, not on their facial appearances. This is what defines true beauty.
    There is nothing ugly; perspective will always make it beautiful. Quoting the words of John Maxwell, “as a teenager I looked into the mirror and I came to a sudden realization that I was not a handsome guy. It was a fact of life. I couldn't change my face. What was I going to do? I made a decision. I would change my attitude about it. I would smile. Did it change my face? Not really, but it helped me looked better.”  You cannot change how you look but you can change how you see yourself.
Every individual is born different and unique; no two individuals are the same. As the bible says,  “we are fearfully and wonderfully made”. Our creator created all beautiful, it is now a CHOICE to discover that beauty. Feeling beautiful about you is a choice. Your achievements; your self-presentation; character; these are things the society will always remember and appreciate in you. The question is if you have discovered the beauty of your inner-self?
It is a normal human desire to be concerned about how you look on the outside. This should not really be our major concern but how we really are in the inside, for outer beauty pleases the eyes but inner beauty captivates the heart. You are as beautiful or ugly as you believe you are. You define your beauty and that one power no one can take from you.
I have this formula that brain + potential = beauty. Your potential is what you could be- the person you can become. Together, with your brain power, you will become a beautiful creature. Experience has taught us that intelligence will never stop being beautiful. A philosopher once said beauty is but one layer of skin. Beauty goes also to the internal not just the physical. Discover that uniqueness in you for that is your real beauty and ask the big question, what can I achieve with it? Start today to discover who you really are and stop the admiration in your mirror, for mirror do not melt, what melts are those who admire themselves in it.
    Appearance can be very deceitful- you can ask any newly married couple for details. Examine the content not the bottle. Begin to see yourself as a beautiful creature and tap into your own rich resources. Take time to create something big out of yourself and create the personality that everyone will admire. You should focus on being better on the inside for you have the power to decide how your inside will be.
    Character is a very important aspect of beauty, for character sustains beauty. When we fail to make the right character choices within us, we give away ownership of ourselves. Character is a very observable quality; it is like smoke that cannot be hidden. If you possess a good character people will always admire you, for it will create the right personality that even society will bear witness to. Character defines person but don't forget there is always room for improvement on daily basis. Develop good character for with a good character a person is outstanding and admired. Character qualifies all individuals. It is like a wind that is felt by everyone. It always has an effect on those around it. Character is like a slag poured into a container and it takes the shape of the container. That is how personality is shaped by character. With a good character you can attract kings for beauty can take you to the palace but character determines how long you stay. Have it at the back of your mind that a lovely character is more beautiful than a beautiful face.
Appearance and personal qualities together make only an impression. Physical beauty alone will not make you attractive; for that we should cultivate our inner beauty. A beautiful physique is an external gift of God and everyone will appreciate it, except those who are without beauty within.  No creature is born ugly everything is created beautiful you just have to discover that beauty. So any time you feel perturbed about how you look just remember that your outside do not qualify you rather your inside does.
These qualities such as potentials, attitude, values and intellectual are the true beauty of every human. You just have to develop them positively and you will be ever radiate and have this at the back of your mind that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

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