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A coronation scene from the movie, game of thrones

Callistus writes from UNIBEN.Your reactions and or comments to 09024338386(text only) or callistusifedi@gmail.com Rejoinders are welcome

The Course Rep in question has not accounted for the money he was given in the first semester and had applied force in collecting another. Most times, over a half of these dues are for the personal use of the course representatives. Further, in group assignments, the group leaders have the chance of asking the group members to contribute more than they are required to and at the end of the day, they pocket the remaining.
Our capacity to lead is mostly tested in the various departmental and faculty positions we hold in schools and on a large scale, the Students Union Government. From school to school, the story is just the same; win an election today, forget the people who elected you and focus on the amount of money you can amass for yourself at the end of the day. The money here is in thousands and millions of Naira. Again, before these elections, these students maybe leaving in a not-too-good apartment, but once they win the elections, they will move out and find better apartments. In the case of the SUG, some offices have official cars and these makes them to lose touch of the needs of the students whom they begged while campaigning to vote for them, hinging their desire on the interest of the students. It is for this reason that I decided I will not vote again in any election in school.

Without a change of direction towards the side of doing good, of leadership as service, garnished by accountability and flavoured by transparency, consistency, we, as young people will make worse leaders than the present crop of leaders. the Parents should make it a point of duty to teach morals to children by they themselves becoming good leaders and mentors for their children.
The Churches, the Nongovernmental Organizations, Schools and government should work towards mentoring the youths on the path of leadership, one whose another name; 'SERVICE” can be given and not one of exploitation as is seen today.
One of my lecturers in his submission on why Nigeria is the way it is asked the religious leaders to preach also to the Congregation who are civil servants to free those files they packed in their offices, to lecturers to teach well…, for all men no matter the little you think you are doing, to do it just fine and we will have some free air to breathe. In the light of this, if you are in a position of leadership, how have you been of service? Or are you a wolf preying on the sheep you are supposedto lead? Whether you are the first child in a family, a leader in any association or in any capacity, you have to serve, not prey!
Finally, we have a perfect example of a good leader, one who had to wash the feet of his disciples to teach them what service is, gave his life that the followers may be saved, He who suffered disgrace, torment and pain, shed his blood and was crucified for our sake, Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd! He is our role model upon whom we look unto. If we model our leadership in whatever little capacity according to His and when it is time, carry such into our local, state and federal governments and other places of responsibility, we will make this world a better place.


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