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Fears of Awaiting Admission

Admission seeking candidates miling around JAMB office,Amawbia

 Nkechi Amunike

This article is for secondary school leavers who are awaiting admission. I know most youths do not like reading the newspaper. Why? Well, because they have their phones as permanent companions; they believe they can get any information from them. Well, it is true.They can get any information, but not all. So I leave it to parents to advise their children from the personal experience I will share with you. It is about secondary school graduates.
I was once a fresher like these young ones who just graduated from their various secondary schools. I graduated from the Federal Government Girls' College, Owerri, in 2015.  During the JAMB period, we, the SS3 students, were very scared as we had heard different stories from previous sets before us about how difficult it was to pass JAMB. I had formed a study group during our mock examinations; we all shared ideas together and learnt new things from each other. It really helped us. I was the first among the study group to be posted for the JAMB examination.
I was Arts inclined but I disliked the subject, “Economics”. Before the JAMB examination, I met one of my teachers who advised me on the subjects to take for the JAMB examination. I wanted to study Mass Communication and the subjects I had in mind were, English, Government, Literature and CRS. When I met the teacher, she told me that Mass Communication needed Economics and not CRS. I had no choice but to study more of the other subjects I loved because no matter how much I studied Economics, I still had problems with it.
On the day of my examination, I wrote well, while trying to keep up with time. As for the Economics, I did the best I could and left the rest to God. When the results were out, I was happy to find out that my efforts were not in vain as I had scored 231. My friends scored well too. We were all happy when we graduated.
The only examination left for us was the POST-UME. We all had our dreams of meeting again in the university, not knowing that the future had different plans for all of us. When tyhe time for the POST-UME came, I wrote mine with difficulty as I was given Mathematics to write. I was not expecting that. I had kept abreast of current affairs with the encouragement of my parents who bought books on such for me. I did revisions on other subjects as I wrote them for JAMB. All the same, I wrote the examination and travelled to Lagos afterwards for my holidays. I was happy to be done with that phase of life.
After 2 weeks or so, I checked my POST-UME result and found out that I had scored 176. I didn't even get up to the general cut-off mark, but then I still had hope because my JAMB score wasn't poor. After 3 months of my holidays without any positive news from my parents concerning my admission, I started panicking because some of my friends had called to tell me that they had gotten admission.
Even on our school's group page on Whatsapp, people kept posting that they had gotten admission. So why was my case different? I was so sure of getting admission that I wasn't even bothered at all during the 3 months of my holidays. On the fourth month, my dad called me and told me that they had started registering for JAMB again. I was very angry. I thought to myself, “Where will I start from?” The curriculum we had been using from my SS1 had changed after we graduated. As an Arts student, we had different literature books we read. All the books I read then were not going to be the same. I was so mad, but then, God's NO is our YES. And that was how I wrote JAMB again for the second time.
I never believed it would happen, but then it did. Well, I guess the saying, “Never Say Never” is true indeed. I don't know how to explain how I read for the exam and how I wrote it, but when the results came out, I scored 209. It wasn't really what I was expecting but then, it was better than anything less than 200. Well, of course, I had to wait for a year before getting admission. During that one year, I had to engage myself on certain things. I learnt how to make over, so I wouldn't be idle. I did that for 2 months, I also did lessons for kids during the holidays, I was paid even though it wasn't much, but just for a start.
To cut the long story short, I am now a 200 level student of Mass Communication at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam Campus, formerly known as Anambra State University.
Now, this is what I am trying to tell the young ones; the bitter truth is that not all of you who are awaiting admission will get admitted because every university has their quota. Once that quota has been reached, the rest will remain at home. This is my advice to all of you;instead of waiting at home idling about, try to engage yourself. You can raise money and save for the rainy day.
For the girls, you can learn how to braid hair, bake, make beads, make over, make soaps, body lotions, etc. For the guys, there are lots of skills. It may sound weird, but guys do make overs too. I remember vividly an incident during my matriculation. A guy did my friend's make over and I was surprised, as it was my first time of seeing such. I asked him some questions from which I found out that he had a studio. You can also bake, braid hair too;indeed, any skill acquisition.
There are lots of things out there to do, all we have to do is to be hardworking, humble ourselves and get what we want.  Do not be pushed to do something you will regret in the future because you didn't gain admission; all you have to do is to be patient. Some may decide to prostitute, rob, rape girls, kidnap people etc. You are not helping, but only adding more problems to the society. We often choose the wrong path, it could be ignorance, lack of parental care and home training, peer pressure, bad friends, inferiority complex etc.
I also want to advise parents to raise their children in the right way and also with the fear of God; teach them what is right and wrong. We the children too should also listen to our parents. For all those awaiting admission this year, I believe you all will gain your admission. It may not be now or this year, but be patient. I have experienced the pain one goes through in such trying moments, but like I said, be patient.
I advise that you should be prayerful and have faith. I hope I have inspired some people with this article. Have a lovely week ahead.

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